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Welcome to the Blog! Here is where you may find some awesome content on weddings, engagements, family sessions and even some personal stuff. Let me start by introducing myself as a photographer and some of my favorite photos of my life…



I try to open myself up to the world frequently, however, it can be hard to when I’m the one constantly behind the camera! I feel it’s important to share my life with you guys because I strive to be relateable, approachable, and a friend!

With that said, Let me share away 🙂

I’m a 26 year old wife, GVSU alum, dog mom with a love for Jesus. I’m continuously working on getting closer to God, working on my business and strengthening my marriage every day. My husband Kyle is my best friend! You may find him coming with me to engagement sessions and weddings. He is seriously the best comic relief. His ability to put groom’s at ease in front of the camera and to crack a joke when needed is why I absolutely love to have him around! Don’t get me wrong, he makes for a great pack mule for my camera gear too haha. He has been invited to more weddings that I’m photographing as a guest than I can even remember! Love him. We share an adorable 6 year old black lab named Josie. She is your typical sassy and overly friendly pup that enjoys W-A-L-K’s (yes, we have to spell it because she knows the word), and peanut butter. She doesn’t come along to sessions with us but boy she would love the car ride if she could!

Over time, you will find me finally share my travels on this blog as well. My love for traveling is a pretty close equal to my love for photography. I enjoy new experiences in new places like I enjoy snapping a money shot for a couple at their wedding. I can’t get enough! Luckily my photography has brought me to super cool places like Spain, Portugal, Hawaii and around the U.S. I plan to share those with you soon!

On a more personal level, I love deep conversations. No, I love prolonged deep conversations that go on for hours. I really enjoy connecting with others and hearing a person’s story. I enjoy a good workout, reading a good book and morning dance jam sessions with my baby niece Lilli. My husband and I are currently in the process of being licensed to foster to adopt babies. Yes, plural (we’re crazy, we know). We both love big chaotic families and can’t wait to start our own! We found our calling in fostering only a year ago, and it hit us like a brick wall. We were meant to share our love with kiddos that wouldn’t otherwise know what unconditional love is. We can’t wait and I will also be sure to keep you updated with that journey too.

I always have more to share but for now will end here. Be sure to subscribe to my email list and be the first to know when a new blog post is up and ready!




Photo cred for the pretty spain photos of kyle and I: KR Moreno Photography

Other photo creds of me: My husband Kyle 🙂



  1. Nickole Horr says:

    This blog describes you so perfectly. I love you, my sweet daughter in law and I could not have picked a more perfect soul mate for Kyle than you! It brings my heart such joy to watch you and Kyle as you travel through this journey called life together. I pray for all the joy and happiness in the world to bless you, and also for LOTS of precious babies too 😍💙💚💛 Love you dearly, Nickole

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